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Hi, my name is Vivienne and I am the founder of Little Promises Crochet Crafts.  On a daily basis I juggle my family, my home, my business, my stress, my weight, my money… Sound familiar??  If any or all of that sounds anything like your life then pull up a chair and I'll stick the kettle on.

I’ve before leaving full time employment due to an illness. I took the jump in 2012 to start my own business and build something I could pour my passion into.  Let me say, it has been a dream come true to share something I love.  It's not easy and comes with its own brand of challenges but they are worth every second of my time.


Before Little Promises

It was something I could do while I was ill (that didn’t put on weight or cost the earth) and kept my hands and mind occupied.  The first few things I made were pretty basic but the seed of something special had been sewn and I fed it with books, how to videos and “teach yourself” websites.  Now I’m writing my own patterns, selling in boutiques and handing out crochet advice where I can.

Why crocheting?

What's Next?

Good question.  I go where the fancy takes me with regard to designing and I love to challenge myself with new techniques and stitches  so I can never tell what a new day will bring.  


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