Cuffed Baby Booties

Cuffed Baby Booties Pattern

Easy crochet cuffed baby booties that are a great use of your left over yarn and perfect for a quick project to build your skills. These booties make a beautiful new baby gift.


Yarn – 50g
Hook – 3.5mm
Yarn needle


Not Important

Skill Level


Stitch Guide

Chain – Ch
Slip Stitch – slst
Single Crochet – sc
Half-double Crochet – Hdc
Half-double together – Hdctog
Double Crochet – dc
Crab Stitch (Reverse Single Crochet) – Click here for video instructions



Round 1 Ch 13, 2 dc in 3rd chain from hook, dc x 9, 6 x dc in next (last) chain, now working down the other side of the chain, dc x 9, dc x 3, slst to join. (29)

Round 2 Ch 1, 2 Hdc, Hdc x 10, 2 Hdc x 6, Hdc x 10, 2Hdc x 2, slst to join. (37)

Round 3 Ch1, 2 Hdc x 2, Hdc x 10, *2 Hdc, 1 Hdc* repeat from * to * x 6, 2 Hdc, Hdc x 10, 2 Hdc x 3. (50)

Cuffed Baby Booties - Sole


Round 4 Sc in back loops only. (50)

Round 5 Sc OVER previous round. (50)

Rounds 6 – 8 Sc around. (50)

Round 9 Sc x 14, Hdctog x 12 (in back loops only), sc x 12. (38)

Round 10 Sc x 14, Hdctog x 7, sc x 10 (31)

Round 11 Sc x 17, Hdctog, sc x 12 (30)

Cuffed Baby Bootie - Upper


Rounds 12 – 15 Dc around. (30)

Rounds 16 – 18 Turn work, Skip 1st dc, Dc in next stitch, Dc in skipped stitch (work behind) x 15, slst to join. Cut yarn after round 18 and sew in ends.

Cuffed Baby Booties - Cuff 4


Hold bootie downwards with toe facing away from you, starting at heel join yarn and crab stitch around unworked front loops from round 4. (50)

Cuffed Baby Bootie - Upper

Hold bootie right side up with heel toward you, join yarn in left hand unworked loop from round 9, crab stitch across to last unworked stitch. (24)

Cuffed Baby Booties - Finishing 8

Sew in ends, fold down cuff, relax and smile. Congratulations, your Cuffed Booties are complete!

I have tested this pattern a great many times to check for errors but if you should have any problems please get in touch.  You can email me at and I’ll do my very best to help.

I’d love to hear your feedback so please leave me a message in the comments.

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