How To Start Your Day

How to start your day

I don’t know about you but there are mornings when I wake up that I feel like crawling back under my duvet and just saying no to the whole world.

Those mornings when the alarm sounds and you feel like you’ve barely had an hours rest. You can feel the pressure of everyone’s expectations waiting for you before you’ve even put a toe on the ground and you crave the oblivion of sleep more than is healthy. You know that feeling?

Mornings To Treasure

Then there are mornings where you wake up feeling rested and refreshed and ready to take on the day with all its joys and surprises. Granted there always seem to be fewer of these fabulous days than the others but that just means when you have one they are all the sweeter and brighter.

I’ve had one of those glorious mornings. As I write this it’s just after 9am and I’ve achieved so much it’s like I’ve crammed it in with a shoe horn.

Mission Creep

Let me first explain that I have a problem! My husband and son will be rolling their eyes in knowing exasperation because this is so me. I call it mission creep…

Mission creep (noun): the gradual or incremental expansion of an intervention, project or mission, beyond its original scope, focus or goals…

My version of mission creep is a little less intimidating but no less critical.

My son believes I’m physically incapable of mono-tasking. I would dearly love to be in a position to debate this belief but it seems all proof confirms his stance.

Case in point- this morning I have…

Stripped the bedsheets
Made breakfast and got said Son off to work
Started the laundry
Completed a 5km walk
Tidied the kitchen while making a cup of tea
Put laundry in the drier
Washed the windows
Dusted and vacuumed
Created a social media post on Canva
Updated my socials
Written a Blog post

It’s just gone 9:30 but the way!

Not the plan…If there was a plan!

This was not the plan in my head when I stepped out of bed this morning. I just wanted to get the laundry done and go for a nice walk! However in my defence, I had noticed all weekend that the windows needed washed and when I saw the little cleaning kit (while opening the garage to put the laundry in the drier) it just reminded me! Then, while I was doing that I saw that the living room could do with a vacuum and you can’t vacuum without dusting…you see what I mean? It surely can’t just be me falling foul of this trap?

Anyway, much as my family find my antics infuriating, these are the days I treasure. I feel like I can achieve anything I set my mind to.

The sky is blue, the clouds are fluffy and there are little reminders of spring everywhere you care to look. I’d like to bottle these days and this feeling so I can uncork them on the grey days when energy is scarce or the sky is heavy with expectant rain (I do live in Scotland after all). Those mornings when I need reminding that a great day starts with a great attitude.

It’s A Choice

Then I remember that attitude is a choice. That my job every morning is to choose to feel this happy, this alive, this privileged, this capable and this enthusiastic!

The weather should only dictate my clothes (for my walk) not my mood or the outlook for my day.

I think I’ll need to bookmark this post to remind me on my less than stellar mornings that I can choose joy, delight and energy every day if I want to.

Now I’m off to work on some much neglected knitting, while I clean the bathroom and think about what I’d like for lunch.

Have the most fantastic day you amazing lot!

Until next time,

Be productive, be brilliant, be kind



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